Now this is a little different but I have been really thinking of starting a podcast when I reach 1000 followers on Instagram and I'd love to know your suggestions on what it should be about and if you know tips and tricks on how to start a podcast.

I talk ALOT anyway so why not record my rambling's and give it all to you!

You can give me suggestions through the following channels;

Instagram: @_katybeautyblog
Twitter  @katybeautyblog_
Email: Katysbeautyblog@gmail.com

Or just comment on here!

Any suggestions are so greatly appreciated

Katy x
Hi All,

I just posted an Instagram of all my favourite beauty products from the last month but I wanted to go more in depth with why they're my favourites. For photo's of the products you can check out my Instagram @Katybeautyblog_ 

1- Baby Lash Lashes in Norayah

Now usually I don't like lashes but these has transformed me into a lash queen. I needed a quick rescue after I picked off my lash extensions and was left to next to no lashes and these were my answer. They're perfect for every day use with a flick of eye liner or for a night out with a bold shadow look. Plus they're really reasonable at £10 a pair + £1.80 UK postage (did I mention they're reusable too?)
How to buy: unfortunately they're not available to order through a website yet but you can order them by messaging them on Instagram via @baby_lash

2- Amrezy x Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter

THIS. HIGHLIGHTER. THO. Look if you know me you'll know I'm obsessed with being lit up like a disco ball. And this highlighter has made all my dreams come true. I bought it off the recommendation of Tess Daley who is an Instagram MUA and god it's just so perfect. Although it's at the higher end of the scale priced at £29 I promise you it's totally worth it. I wear it every day as a highlighter, a brow highlight and in my tear ducts to brighten up my eyes. It's worth every penny.

How to buy: You can get it from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website here:   http://www.anastasiabeverlyhills.co.uk/amrezy-highlighter/ABH01-24197.html

3- Poundland Make-up Gallery brow kit in Dark.

Yes I know what you're thinking Katy in pound-land makeup?! But I heard on the grape vine they had some good products so I went into my local store and the rumours were true. This brow kit is amazing, it's the perfect shade and stays put all day. And for £1 how could I complain? I use the darker colour to fill put the ends and the middle then blend out the second darkest colour for the 'start' of my brows.

How to buy: Unfortunately you can only buy it in-store so if you don't have a local pound-land get a friend on the case!

4- MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Mascara in Black

Now it takes a lot for me to change mascara. I will stick with a mascara for months (not the exact same tube. Gross) and when I found the NYX mascara I rave about in every in basically every post I thought I'd found my soul mate. However this MAC mascara has given it a run for it's money. It makes super thick and bold lashes without them coming up clumpy, it also comes in a range of shades too if you feel like experimenting but I like just plain old black.

How to buy: You can purchase it here from MAC's website: https://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/product/13839/26749/products/makeup/eyes/mascara-lashes/in-extreme-dimension-3d-black-lash-mascara

And there you have it my current favourites. Make sure you check put my Instagram and give me a follow!

Katy x
  • Primer- L'Oreal Infallible Priming Base & Benefit's Porefessional
  • Foundation- L'Oreal 24H-Matte Waterproof Foundation 11 Vanilla 35ml (Shade 20-Sand)
  • Concealer- Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (Shade- 2 Cool Medium)
  • Bronzer- A cheap primark one I bough about 6 months ago (It was on sale too so they probably don't have it anymore!)
  • Blusher- Make-up Revolution Power Busher (Shade- Sugar)
  • Highlighter- Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter (Shade- Mean Money/Hu$tla baby)
  • Rimmel Clear Complexion Poweder
  • Maybelline Master Fix Loose Powder

  • Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette 
  • Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette 
  • Juvia's Palace Magic Palette 
  • Nyx Professional Makeup Proof It!- Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer
  • Eyelure Exaggerate 141 Lashes
  • Lancome Hypnose Mascara- Doll Eyes 
  • Lancome 'Le Crayon' Khol Eyeliner  
  • Maybelline Master Ink Matte Liquid Eye Liner
  • Really old KIKO MILANO Brow Kit (Bought in the sale about a year ago so no way they still have it :(...) 

  • Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick (Shade- Check Mate) 
  • Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat (Kiss 'N' Tell) 

  • Real Techniques; 
  • Miracle Complexion Sponge
  • Powder Brush 
  • Blush Brush
  • Setting Brush (Use for highlighter)
  • Sculpting Brush
  • 200 Oval Shadow 
  • 203 Tapered Shadow 
  • 201 Pointed Crease

And that's everything! 


Can you believe I've made it to week 3 (even if I missed a week haha). The products I'm going to be talking about today are an Etsy discovery. By the way Esty is now my new favourite site and I really need to stop spending all my pay check on it! 

The business I'm talking about today is Becc-á-Brac which is a business I found on Etsy which sells various little trinkets but the products I'm talking about today are their sugar and salt scrubs. 

As winter draws in so do dry lips and a sugar scrub is essential to keep your lips looking healthy and luscious for the Christmas period! Especially if like me you love a liquid lipstick. 

The products I have purchased are; 

1. Bubblegum Sugar Scrub 55ml

This was my first purchase from Becc-á-Brac and it's the product that had me hooked. First off I want to mention how beautifully packaged all the products were, they'd make a great gift for a beauty lover (check out my Instgram for pictures @_katybeautyblog) . Secondly the scrub smelt delicious and just like bubblegum. Thirdly it worked! It made my lips feel super moisturised and less flakey. 

Afterwards I also purchased the Unicorn sugar scrub which is also ah-mazing.

2. Mermaid Salt Scrub 55ml

The salt scrub was my second purchase as I was so impressed with the sugar scrub as was on the market for a new exfoliator to use before fake tanning. Like the sugar scrub this stuff was incredible. It smelt amazing and felt amazing on my skin and really helped when it came to getting an even fake tan! I used the product in the shower which meant after I applied it it just dissolved which is much better than big end brand exfoliators which can often leave you with bits all over the shower. 

The 55ml sugar and salt scrubs costs £3.50 with the 130ml costing £6 and shipping costing £2.90 and you can order them on Esty here.

Over all I love these products and it's even better that they're all natural and home made! 

I hope you enjoyed my review and please leave a comment with other small businesses as I'm struggling to find some

As always lots of Love 



Ding, Ding time for round 2 of my weekly feature!

As the wintry nights draw in it's time to get cosy! And I've recently found a small business that makes me feel exactly that, cosy.

Moonlight Melts is a small business that makes that most glorious smelling wax melts and burners.

You can find all the items here on her website. I bought a few of the wax melts and honestly, honestly they smell incredible, I've only tested a few so far but I can already tell these are going to be a winter favourite of mine!

Now onto what scents I bought! Ooh it's like a haul post;

Clean Cotton- This scent makes your whole house feel like you've done fresh laundry which is a great way to cheat your self into thinking you're doing a great job at adulting.

Jasmine & White Tea- Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to try this one out yet but it smells beautiful through the packaging!

Sea Salt & Woodsage- This particular scent is one of the range which is based off a Jo Malone Scent, from the second I started burning this one I liked it, it's a lovely scent without being too offensive like other wax tarts.

Soft Blanket- Like the Clean Cotton scent this tart makes the room you're burning it in smell lusciously clean and cosy.

Cinnamon Spice- Now if you even remotely know me you'll know I'm Christmas's biggest fan. I love everything about the season so when I first smelt this one through the packaging it was love at first smell. It made me want to put on a bit of Wham and have a bit of a sing song! This will definitely we a winter favourite and probably an all season favourite of mine.

Sample Pack- Finally I ordered a sample pack, I haven't had a chance to try any of the scents in this pack out but I'm most excited about 'Martian' as it's meant to smell just like a particular E.T fragrance.

Most tarts come in packs for 4 for £1.80 and the sample pack costs £2 and you get 6 wax melts! Thats a bargain if you ask me. Also the wax burners would make super cute Christmas gifts as you can also buy them in packs with some melts.

All in all I love these little melts and I can't wait to have more cosy nights in with them!

As always,

Lots of Love


Yes you've read the title right, it's the start of my small business feature!

Lets start off with a little introduction to the business shall we?

Glitter Cosmetics is a small business based in the UK created by lovely Amy who makes all the products herself. I first discovered her via my friend Sophia on Instagram as she was using some of Amy's glitter shadows. So I decided to purchase some and I've never looked back!

The glitters come in pans and just go on so well! She also does a huge range of shades from pink-blues to copper golds which means there's a colour for everyone in her collection. The glitters a perfect for when you want to make a statement eye look or a small but glamorous impact.

However this month glitter cosmetics got a little better when Amy announced that she would be adding HIGHLIGHTERS to her range. Now if you know me you'll know I'm a highlighter addict and this news was like a song to my ears. At the moment Amy only does 2 shades but both of them are just, ah, beautiful. One is a ice white shade with bluey hues and is an almost dupe for Jeffree Stars highlighter 'Ice Cold' and the other is a more subtle tan colour and goes well if you have a bit of a tan yourself! Both of them go on just beautifully and I usually apply them using the RT setting brush that you can find here at your local Boots or Superdrug.

How to buy?

Amy takes all her product orders via Instagram and you can find her here: @glittercosmeticsuk

Most of the glitters cost from £2-£3 and the highlighters currently cost £2.50 and postage is £1 (at this moment in time she only posts with in the UK, sorry!)

Please, please please check Amy out! Her business is fabulous and I'd love to see her fly! I'd love to see how you use your glitters so make sure to tag me in any posts!

As always,

Lots of love,


This is just a quick update about a new feature I'm going to try out on blog!

It's called 'Small Business Saturday" can you guess what it's about yet? That's right, small businesses!

I wanted to try this out as I've tried a small UK based business recently and the products were amazing so now I'm really excited to try more.

I've ordered a few products using Etsy and Instagram  and I'm excited for them to arrive and to try them out!

Please, please, please if you are a UK based small business (primarily beauty industry based) contact me on my Instgram @_katybeautyblog or via my email katybeautyblog@gmail.com! You can also use this if you know of someone who has a small business.

The first post will be out next Saturday at 6pm GMT.

As always,

Lots of Love

Katy x 

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